Installing a solar system has been a high priority for Alan in Hendra, Brisbane and recently it came to fruition.  He was keen to hire a reputable, trusted company that used quality materials.  As a past customer of PRO Electricians he entrusted us to do the job.

The main reason Alan wanted solar was to make a positive impact on the environment using a green energy source.  Although his power costs aren’t huge, the fact that they will now be virtually zero is an added benefit.

“Given the abundance of sunlight we enjoy in Queensland, it makes so much sense to have a solar system. This system will reduce my power bills and should pay for themselves in a few short years. Furthermore this system will also increase the value of my property should I decide to sell”.  Alan Weir, Hendra

Once he was ready to go ahead, the first step was to identify the optimal positioning of a solar array using our specialist software.  The configuration suggested is shown below and positions the array at the back of the townhouse roof overlooking the yard.

Software solar configuration Hendra

The design of the roof, with several pitches, meant the 13 panels would need to be installed in several sections to complete the 3.9 kW system.  One straight array wasn’t possible.

To begin, rails were attached to the different sections of the roof to hold the solar panels.  In this case it was a tiled roof so careful cutting of the tiles to position the rails was needed.

Solar installation rails Hendra

With all the rails in place, the installation of panels gets underway.  Each solar panel is fitted with a Solar Edge P300 power optimiser to help the inverter avoid losses from shading effects on the panel.  If one panel becomes shaded (or gets pooped on), it won’t affect other panels in the array.

First solar panel and power optimiser

All up 13 panels were installed to complete the array.

Complete solar array Hendra

Jinko Eagle 300W 60 cell Mono PERC panels were installed along with a Solar Edge HD-Wave Inverter.

Solar products used Hendra

Alan is able to monitor the performance of his system easily using Solar Edge software.  It shows him how much power is being produced, along with the environmental benefits.

Solar Edge monitoring software

With his solar system now in place, Alan is looking forward to seeing the results on his electricity bill.

If you are interested in solar power for you property, get an online quote here.


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