About PRO Electricians

PRO Electricians was founded by Steve McArthur who has over 20 years experience in the electrical industry.

Steve has has a huge commitment to providing top class service that delights his customers and promotes that vision within the company. This commitment is based on offering fundamentals the client wants and expects such as cleanliness, kept promises, respect, flexibility.

Further, it is important for us to stay abreast of industry developments ensuring that our customers will always be offered current advice and products to best serve their electrical needs. One aspect of electrical services that is becoming more important for all customers is energy efficiency. Not only is the pillar for saving money in the face of increasing power costs, there are many other benefits associated with implementing energy saving strategies. These strategies are applicable to both domestic and commercial consumers. PRO Electricians is passionate about providing all customers with the latest information and options available when it comes to energy saving, no matter how big or small. We believe these all add up and are an important part of our future.

Whilst electricity is important to our way of life it is very dangerous and sadly a number of people lose their lives to it each year.  Further, it can cause other hazards in particular fire. It is vitally important to us that our team, you, your family or staff and your property remain safe. With this PRO Electricians are committed to safety. Our commitment is supported by a comprehensive safety management system incorporating policies and systems ensuring we meet our moral obligations and also requirements of the Electrical Safety Act 2002, AS/NZS 4801:2001 and ISO 18001.



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