5 Big Benefits of LED Downlights vs Halogen

by Home Electrical

Halogen Light BulbWith electricity prices continuing to rise, one of the areas home owners should consider for savings is their lighting costs, in  particular downlighting. The cost of running LED downlights vs halogen is significantly lower, but the good thing is the benefits don’t stop there.

Here are 5 benefits (including reduced power costs) for switching your halogen downlights to LED.

Benefit #1 – Reduced Power Costs

As an indication, here is how the energy saving equation looks for replacing halogen downlights with LED alternatives:

20 Halogen Lights using 55W each: Annual power cost (estimate) = $686.40

20 LED Lights using 10W each: Annual power cost (estimate) = $124.80

Annual saving of LED dowlights vs halogen = $561.60 or 81.8%

That is a significant reduction in power costs! Obviously, the more lights you have in the home, the more savings can be realised. So while there may be an initial outlay to replace the halogens, the payback period is relatively short – 6 months to 3 years.  To help calculate your potential savings, click here for our energy saving calculator.

Further, with electricity prices set to continue to rise over the next few years, any investment in energy efficient lighting will help to minimise the impact in rising costs. It will also reduce the payback period even more.

Benefit #2 – Reduced Fire Hazard

One of the little known facts about halogen downlights is the potential fire hazard they pose. These lamps operate at up to 200C (sometimes more), which is a lot of heat. If you stand under one of these lights, you can feel the heat, particularly when compared to the cooler LED lamps which operate at only 40C.

Effectively, if anything comes into contact with these halogens, particularly any cabling, it will burn which can cause a short circuit and fire.

Below is a photo showing the damage that halogens had caused in one of our customer’s ceilings. The burnt cabling was a result of heat from the halogen lamp and was very close to resulting in disaster.

Burnt Electrical Cable & Transformer

Installing LED lamps to replace halogens will minimise this risk, making your home or work place much safer.

Benefit #3 – Less Maintenance Time and Cost

One of the most common complaints with halogen lamps is how often they ‘blow’. This means new lamps are always being purchased and ‘blown’ bulbs replaced.

The beauty of energy efficient bulbs is that they last so much longer. In the case of LED’s it can be 10 years or more! Imagine not having to change a light bulb for another 10 years.

Naturally, this also translates into a cost saving because although the initial lamp purchase is higher, the life time of the bulb means that overall lamp costs are much lower.

Benefit #4 – Better For The Environment

Less energy being used by lighting means there are reduced CO2 emissions which is much better for the environment.

Benefit #5 – LED’s Won’t Fade Artwork

Due to the comparatively cool light emitted by LED’s, they won’t cause damage to artwork, fabrics or other sensitive objects. In some homes, this is an important consideration.

The benefits of switching to LED downlights are significant in many ways. While cost saving is always a big consideration, the other benefits outlined above can be important as well.

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