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PRO Electricians understand first hand the many demands on your business: safety, legislation, deadline, breakdowns, operating hours, maintenance and so on.  We offer a full range of commercial electrical services including test and tag, energy efficient lighting installations and property maintenance.

In our business we seek out partners that will work with us in overcoming obstacles and moving forward together and that’s the attitude we bring to you and your business. PRO Electricians will focus on achieving your outcomes with minimal disruptions to your business and always be on the lookout for ways we can help your business through cost saving, energy saving, new technology etc.

Our commitment to you and your business:

  • PRO Electricians are committed to safety. Our commitment is supported by a comprehensive safety management system incorporating policies and systems ensuring we meet our moral obligations and also requirements of the Electrical Safety Act 2002, AS/NZS 4801:2001 and ISO 18001
  • Insurance: We are protected with current Broadform Public & Products Liability Limit of Indemnity $20,000,000
  • Deadlines/downtime: We will do everything in our power to meet your deadlines ensuring, minimal downtime, limited disruptions
  • Maintenance updates: We’ll advise you when regular/scheduled maintenance falls due and organise times in advance to ensure works are completed within required time frames
  • On time: If we’re late, the first hour is FREE
  • Clean: To clean up after ourselves
  • To provide energy saving advice
  • To ensure great communication
  • Easy payment options we accept cash, cheque, visa, mastercard, direct debit

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