While building a batting cage in your back yard isn’t for everyone, for the Colvill family, it was a must. Softball is a big part of their life and they wanted the convenience of being able to train any time – day or night – without having to leave home.

The trouble was without lighting, training time was limited. This was particularly a problem during the shorter winter days. So they could practice after school and work in the evenings, they decided to invest in lighting and contacted us to help.


MUST WATCH: Click to see and hear their reaction to the end result…it’s priceless.




Here is the batting cage before lighting was installed.

Outdoor lights batting cage before

Another issue was the setup of the pitching machine. Located in a shed at the end of the cage, it would ‘pitch’ balls through an opening. But to operate the machine a power lead running from the house was needed. This introduced a big safety concern, particularly with a dog in the yard and potential for moisture on the lead.


To solve the problems the first stage for PRO Electricians was to install a new circuit, with safety switch. This circuit ran across the ceiling in the house, then down and underground to the shed. As it is a dedicated circuit, if there is any issue with power for the batting cage, it won’t shut down power in the house.

The pitching machine is now plugged in at the shed removing all safety concerns.

Next stage was designing the outdoor light setup to ensure no dark spots. To accomplish this, 4 upright posts on the batting cage were extended. 2 LED floodlights were installed on each post.


8 LED floodlights now light up the batting cage at night. When switched on, it’s like day time.

This was a unique job that required a customised solution, something we always enjoy tackling. And now the Colvill’s can practice whenever they like.


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