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By law ALL homes and units in Queensland must be fitted with smoke alarms.  It is the responsibility of property owners (even if the property is leased) to ensure smoke alarms are installed.

New Smoke Alarm laws became effective in Queensland January 1st,  2017.  Below are the minimum requirements:

  • Homes built prior to 1997 – one 9-volt battery operated smoke alarm on each level of living space
  • Homes built (or significantly renovated) during and after 1997 – must have hard wired (240V) smoke alarms
  • Homes approved on or after 1 May, 2014 – hard wired and interconnected smoke alarms.


Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Photoelectric smoke alarms ‘see’ smoke by detecting visible particles of combustion and react more quickly to smouldering fires. They are more reliable and less likely to produce false alarms.

When photoelectric alarms activate, the smoke is still at the top layer of the ceiling, above head height and gives more time to evacuate safely. This additional warning time is critical in allowing safe escape.

We recommend and install photoelectric alarms as they offer the best detection across a range of fires. Features of this type of smoke alarm are:

  • Hard wired with 240V supply
  • Battery backup
  • Fitted with insect resistant screen
  • Up to 12 alarms can be interconnected
  • 5 year guarantee on smoke alarm

To book installation of new photoelectric smoke alarms call us now 1300 591 952 or book online here.

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