Split System versus Ducted Air Conditioning

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Mitsubishi split system air conInstalling air conditioning is an investment in your home. It will increase comfort during the hot summer months. But, if you get it wrong, you will have wasted your money and still be sweating.

There are two types of air conditioning to choose from – split system and ducted. Both will do the job of cooling your home, but they vary in several ways. The main considerations are how many rooms will be air conditioned, cost and visibility.

Below we look at split system versus ducted air conditioning and what you need to know make the best choice.


The larger the area for cooling, the bigger the system required. This applies to both split system and ducted air conditioners.

A split system air conditioner will cool one room or open plan area. It is possible to install split system units in one or more rooms of the house.

Ducted air conditioning cools the whole house via ducts installed in the ceiling, walls or floor. This type of system also allows selection of cooling zones as required.

Both are available in reverse cycle providing the option to heat the home in cooler months.


The cost of air conditioning can vary depending on the system size and type. As a rough guide prices can start at $1000 for split systems with ducted air conditioning around $10,000 or more.

Not only is there the cost of the units, but also the cost of installation and running costs. The more power used, the higher the ongoing costs will be.


One major difference between the two types of systems is their visibility.

Split systems have a unit (evaporator) mounted on the wall inside. Outside there is a another unit (condenser) which expels the air. Both units will be visible, but it may be possible to position them so they don’t stand out.

In contrast, ducted air conditioners have the system installed in the ceiling. The ducts are then run through the house in the ceiling, walls and floor. The system is not visible and is controlled through flat wall panels.

For a whole house cooling solution, it is hard to beat a ducted system. However, the costs of installation AND running the system may well be prohibitive.

Careful selection and installation of split systems can provide an affordable solution. Professional advice to help select a system of the right capacity will be invaluable.

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