Switchboards with old technology (i.e. fuses) are still common place in many Brisbane properties, like this unit block in Taringa.  We were recently contracted by the body corporate managers to upgrade the switchboard panel to current standards.

The concern for the managers was the deterioration of old fuses which presented a fire risk.  Plus, it can be very difficult to even source replacement fuse wire for repairs.

The common practice now is to replace fuses with circuit breakers and/or safety switches.  As a result, upgrading the whole switchboard is a more cost effective than replacing one fuse at a time. This will save money in the long run while reducing fire risk.

Further, when a circuit breaker trips, it is much easier to get power back on with the flip of a switch.  No need for finding and replacing burnt wires.

Here is what the board looked like before we started the work:


These fuses and their connection to the meters were removed from the old panel and replaced.  A new panel was mounted to house the circuit breakers and fitted to the meters. This is what the back of the switchboard looks like.

Back of old switchboard


And here’s the new panel with circuit breakers.

Switchboard upgrade Taringa new panel


Now when there is a fault, a switch will trip to cut power off protecting equipment and cable.

All the work was done to comply with Energex regulations. The old switchboard looks much tidier and is safer with isolation links in place of the fuses.

Switchboard upgrade Taringa before and after


The switchboard upgrade has ensured this block of units is protected to current standards.  It has also eliminated any issues with ‘blown fuses’.  If you have a switchboard that still has fuses, maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade.

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