The USB Powerpoint – An Easy Way to Power Up

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This article is for anyone who owns a device that is charged via USB (i.e. smartphones, tablets, iPods, smart watches etc) and has the following problems:

  • Sick of searching for chargers (particularly a problem if you have kids)
  • Tired of untangling cords and moving plugs around in powerpoints to get devices powered up
  • Wanting to reclaim powerpoints for other household appliances
  • Annoyed by way too many unsightly plugs hanging out of the wall

These problems can now be solved very easily thanks to the Double Powerpoint with Dual USB charger.

USB Powerpoint

There are many benefits to installing these powerpoints in any home or office, particularly if if there is multiple devices (or kids!).

  1. No More Wall Chargers!

Simply plug the USB cable straight into the USB point on the wall as there is no need for the bulky wall power chargers that come with each device.  Put them away in the cupboard, or even better, try and find a way to recycle them.

This also means that if a charger is lost, there is no problem with powering the device.

  1. Energy Efficient Charging

The USB powerpoint is energy efficient as it uses zero standby power.  As shown in the image, there are retractable ‘doors’ for the USB plug and once these are closed, power to the USB port is shut off (the regular powerpoints are not affected).

  1. Easily Replace Existing Powerpoints

The USB powerpoint has been designed as a direct replacement to standard double powerpoints.  A replacement installation can be done quickly by a licensed electrician without the need for any new wiring (contact PRO Electricians for a quote here).

  1. Charge any USB Device

ANY device that is charged or run using a standard USB connection can be charged.  Some of the devices that can be charged include (but certainly not limited to):

Smart phones


Smart Watches


Fitness Bands

Digital Cameras

Video Cameras

  1. Multiple Charging Points

Most homes have several locations where devices are charged and now, rather than move wall chargers between rooms, it is easy to setup multiple charging stations.  Areas of the home where these powerpoints are ideal include the kitchen, lounge room, office, bedrooms and bathroom.

Plus, if there is a dedicated charging station setup, these powerpoints can make the area less unsightly and easier to manage.

There are few homes or offices that wouldn’t benefit from the installation of the Double Powerpoint with Dual USB Charger.  The big question is…how many to install?

Organise Your USB Powerpoints Here

To install new or replace existing powerpoints with the USB option, contact PRO Electricians for a quote on 1300 591 952.

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